The pursuit of Kit

Working in the video industry there is immense pressure to own the latest kit. There will always be a bigger and better camera on the market, or a camera the same size as your current one, that does 15 things when yours only does 12.

The temptation is always there to buy more and more stuff. Cameras, lenses, lighting, grip kit, microphones, dolly tracks, cranes, gimbals. What about an editing machine? Something suitable for 4k video footage with huge amounts of RAM, most definitely. And don’t forget the 497 Terabytes of hard drive space you’ll need to store all of that footage.

At some point, you just need to say stop. For me as a self employed videographer I am always trying to find the right balance. Don’t get me wrong I have had to invest myself, after a lot of research I’ve spend a silly amount of money on two Sony FS5 4k cameras, and all of the gubbins required to make them work for me effectively.

But for me the old saying is highly relevant. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it that counts. I look back on some of my old videos fondly, were they filmed with the best camera? No chance. Did it have stylised motion shots on sliders of gimbals? Heck no. But they were built with a love for the craft of storytelling.

Kit is important. But If I had to choose what to have in abundance, equipment or passion, there would be no contest.


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