Having my cake AND eating it!

I’ve already shared in a blog post about how I enjoy what I do, it’s a cliché but life really is too short to be in job you hate. So I count myself even more fortunate when my work and my life interests and hobbies collide.

I have always loved exploring abandoned places, something about seeing tangible history in an old building and its contents has always grabbed my attention.

I can trace it back to my earliest memory, I was 3 years old and I was visiting St Catherines Fort in Tenby. It was briefly open to the public around 1984 and my parents took me for a visit. Health and safety wasn’t quite the same in those days, I have a picture of my mother holding me on the roof, about 3 metres from the edge and a sheer drop. Good times.

My memory is of me running through the main hall, as my father was trying to hurry me up to leave. I have returned to Tenby frequently throughout my life and seeing the Fort up on the island has always kept that memory alive in my head. So I grew up with an interest in abandoned places and I can trace it back to that day.

So it has been with great pleasure that I have been able to connect with the caretaker of the Fort and Island since it has re-opened to the public. I was given special access to film my own mini-documentary there for a competition entry I was creating, having access to areas not yet open to the public was amazing. Every time I walk through the main hall my first memory walks with me.

But even more so than having the best nostalgia trip I could ever have hoped for, I have also been commissioned by the Island management to produce a number of short info-videos for the island over the last couple of years. Ranging from public update videos, to a showcasing of one of their pop-up cinema events.

If there ever was an example of having your cake AND eating it. Working in a job you love and having access to an awesome building that is such a big part of your life, would be it.

If you’d like more information about the Fort on St Catherines Island, Tenby. Visit: saintcatherinesisland.co.uk

Here are the two videos I’ve mentioned, my mini-doc story ‘The Fort’. And the video about the Pop-up cinema event.



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