Building Blocks

I was playing Duplo with my Daughter just now, as all good Daddy’s do. We were building a straightforward hollow brick ‘castle’ tower, as high as our allotment of coloured 4×2 bricks would allow.

The 4×2 bricks are vital building blocks when building a hollow tower, as you can overlap them to form  a solid structure. Well, as solid as Duplo can be without getting out the superglue. We built it together under my direction to get the overlapping correct. Then topped it off with some 2×2’s to make it look more like a castle.

I was seriously proud of myself after we were finished. That is until my four year old started removing the upper layers of bricks. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘I can’t get people in’, she replied.

She explained that the walls were too high for her to actually play with her Duplo people inside and that there was no door.

So I retro fitted a door into the lower levels, but as it wasn’t planned from the start, it didn’t really go well. Combined with the upper levels looking like something out of Jericho once she’d removed random chunks of it, it didn’t quite look as good as it could have. And then it hit me.

Our businesses can be built like this. There is an excellent idea and it’s built perfectly with a specific goal in mind, but when all practical elements are considered, that perfect build doesn’t always suit the people who are going to actually use it.

It just spoke to me about the importance of getting to know what your client wants and needs right at the beginning of a project. For a lot of people this is probably sounding like teaching you how to suck eggs. But just heed the simple warning, don’t try to fit a door into a wall that has already been built. Don’t build a wall too high so people can’t reach what’s inside.

As you’re building a business, think of the foundations, the building blocks that make up the message you are sharing about yourself, to the world, and how people interact with that message. Video will always be a valuable tool in this picture.

How can you utilise video for your business to help better share why customers should choose you? Get in touch and we can have a chat about it.

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