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About Big Llama Media

A little bit all about us. Established since 2010, from the beginning it has been our goal at Big Llama to provide the highest quality of video services to our clients.

There is something unique and rewarding about telling a story and producing video. Working out how to best represent a clients message or goal to engage their target audience. Being able to be creative with audio and visuals to share a story, to promote a business and provide customers with exactly what they want. For us we wouldn’t be doing anything else, as it is both a passion and a privilege to do what we do.

It is this passion that we have for our own creative process that we bring to a clients project, big or small. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio of client videos to see examples of what we’ve produced for our customers.

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matt behind the camera
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About Matt

Hi, my name is Matt and I run Big Llama Media.

Growing up I always enjoyed messing about with the family video camera, it was always my job on holiday to get the camera and capture where we were and what we were doing. But the less said about the mock-television-news programs I produced sat behind a table in my bedroom the better. Please give me a break, I was 11 years old.

However this self-taught experience developed into a fairly rudimentary understanding of the basic rules of camera craft, the importance of shooting mixed shots, wide and close ups etc.

The path became clear.

When an English class module in comprehensive school required our group to create an advert for an imaginary product, I naturally stepped up to the plate. So at 15 years old in 1996 I directed my school friends in a television advert for ‘Rent-a-friend’, a service for lonely people who had no friends – looking back on it, yes it was as bad as it sounds.

But when other group videos were just static shots with people walking in and out of frame. My video was a well planned out, linear edited in camera mini-production with multiple speaking parts, shots and narration. It was so much fun, in retrospect it is the moment that sold me on working in video production! The instinctive drive to create something was the key element in setting me on my career path.

The way forward.

From there, I studied video and media production in both college and university and have worked in conjunction with other video providers within the industry for over 16 years. My time in education was obviously beneficial in giving me a grounding in camera craft, but more so, it was the years of experience since that taught me the skills I needed to work in video production. For many years I learned from those in the industry, joining them to work as hired cameraman on jobs or picking up some freelance editing here or there.

But the inevitable epiphany came, I can do this by myself! Established since August 2010, Big Llama Media is my opportunity to serve a wide variety of clients’ video production needs. Becoming self-employed was the best decision I ever made.

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Some of our clients

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We specialise in beautifully crafted video.
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