Flat Tires & Chocolate

I was on my way to pick up some essentials from the local little Tesco after I dropped my little girl off at school this morning. At that point I hadn’t decided whether or not to pick up a bag of buttons, they are on offer for only £1. Life’s important decisions.

Driving along I saw that the car in front of me clearly had a fully flat tire on the right driver side. I’ve had a few flat tires in my time as a driver, I think it’s really obvious when it happens. If it’s a sudden rip or damage to the tire you can often hear the air escaping, but you’ll definitely be left with the vibrations and sluggish response.

But this driver seemed to have no idea, driving along happily as ever. We had slowed for a red light, I flashed my lights, energetically trying to tell them through the windscreen ‘You’ve got a flat!’ We both wound our windows down and I shouted the same thing again, on the third time, the driver heard me, mouthed ‘thanks’ put their thumb up out the window….then carried on driving.

If there was any chance of saving the tire, it had probably long gone, as you’ll do a lot of damage driving on a flat. After a while you’ll be killing the alloy too.

So how does this all relate to video? Well it got me thinking of how chocolate buttons are completely delicious and well worth it for only £1. But then also how there are established rules in video which should mostly, not be broken. 

There are key camera craft rules which are very important to the viewer in order to understand the flow of a conversation on screen or whatever narrative being told visually. Rule of thirds, looking room and head room, crossing the line are but a few. Get these wrong in a production and the end result can suffer greatly.

There can be times when some of these rules can be broken for effect or statement, but you need to understand them first before you can break them.

Unlike driving on a flat tire, which you should never, ever do. 

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