New kit! Nebula 5300 Gimbal

Yeah I get the irony of this post if you check out my last one. But ho hum.

I have a new toy to play with and it’s called a 5-axis gimbal (I count 4 on this one, but ok whatever). Specifically the Filmpower Nebula 5300 and I’m pretty happy so far. A gimbal is a bit of kit that gives you that lovely smooth motion, where you can pull off a long moving shot all in one take with no camera wobble. I’ve used one many times before when working with a colleague, a movi m15. A great bit of kit but the design means that all of the important gubbins (motors and camera cage), sit below the handles you hold it all with.

But this one comes with a different design, spring loaded handles that support the camera above the handle eye-level. It also means you don’t need a stand to carry around with you if you want to rest up your arms and put it down.

Long story short, it improves production value and you’ll be seeing more of these sort of shots in my future projects. Let the fun begin!

Here is a quick little video I put together after my first proper test with the Nebula 5300.


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